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That’s how I am.

Ralph Marston

Project Description

bloom-where-you-are-planted-peggy-kingWho are you? 
Are you sure? 
Is your self image really accurate, or has it just become a comfortable habit?

“I’m clumsy.”
“I’m shy.”
“I’m not very good with computers.”
“I don’t have much energy.”
“I’m irresponsible.”
“I’m lazy.”
“I’m fat.”

How easily do such pronouncements roll off your tongue, and how often?
 The more you repeat them — to yourself and others — the more you believe them. Such things become self-fulfilling prophesies.
But the whole concept of “I’m this” or “I’m that” is flawed. Every “I’m” is a leftover from the past. You can change.
There is no reason in the world to continue to see yourself as lazy, or irresponsible, immature, or anything.
They are not who you are, they are simply behaviors that you choose to participate in.
You’re not locked in to any particular behavior pattern. Who are you? You are whoever and whatever you choose to be. Jump out of your self imposed box. There’s a whole, wonderful world that exists beyond your comfortable excuses. Cast off your tired, old assumptions and embrace a universe full of great possibilities.

– Ralph Marston –

Project Details

  • Date 13 March 2013
  • Tags Coaching

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Selma van Dijk

EveryStep is opgericht door eigenaar Selma van Dijk vanuit een passie voor mensen en vooruitgang. Selma van Dijk heeft meer dan twintig jaar gewerkt in de gezondheidszorg en bij de overheid in zowel adviseurs- als managementfuncties en is nu internationaal gecertificeerd coach.


Co-Active Coaching | Coaches Training Institute | USA
Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching |
Centre for Right Relationship | USA
International Relations | University Groningen | The Netherlands