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Multinational | Expat.

International works


Working (temporarily) in a different country brings out difficulties but also amazing opportunities for you, and your partner!


It brings an amazing opportunity for your growth as a leader. It is to find out what is it that you uniquely bring to your environment. Knowing what is deeply meaningful to you, gives your life direction.
Co-Active coaching is a very powerful tool for you to find out your values and your purpose in life and to keep you focused on it.


With your assignment abroad you and your family are also facing changes. A sense of balance and feeling of being always at choice helps all the family members to benefit and develop from this experience. Co-Active coaching helps to open up opportunities, finding purpose and bloom wherever your are planted.


When you know where you are committed to, what is your personal mission statement so to say, you will have a great impact on yourself and your surrounding.

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Faith is taking the first step,
even when you don’t see the whole staircase

Martin Luther King Jr.


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Selma van Dijk

EveryStep is opgericht door eigenaar Selma van Dijk vanuit een passie voor mensen en vooruitgang. Selma van Dijk heeft meer dan twintig jaar gewerkt in de gezondheidszorg en bij de overheid in zowel adviseurs- als managementfuncties en is nu internationaal gecertificeerd coach.


Co-Active Coaching | Coaches Training Institute | USA
Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching |
Centre for Right Relationship | USA
International Relations | University Groningen | The Netherlands